Top 10 All-Time NFL RBs

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Only one current running back - LaDainian Tomlinson - merits being named one of the NFL's all-time 10 best, and only one other guy who has played in the 21st century - Emmitt Smith - makes the list. Does that mean today's RBs are worse than before? No, but times have changed ... there are two reasons why the old-timers dominate this ranking.

First, although RBs remain roughly the same size, defensive tackles have become enormous and linebackers and strong safeties have gotten much faster and to counter that, a passing attack has become more prominent.

Second, the 16-game season gives backs such a pounding that most teams use a "running back by committee" system or insert a second-stringer with a contrasting style to give their starter a rest, hence diminishing his importance.
OK, LaDainian and Emmitt, here are your partners.

1. Jim Brown. No one has ever combined power and speed the way Brown did at 6-2, 228. In his nine seasons before he abruptly retired in 1966 at age 30, he led the league in rushing eight times (a record). He also still holds the mark for most seasons leading the league in attempts (six) and most seasons leading in rushing TDs (five). Most impressively, of all the running backs who ever played and had 750 or more career attempts, Brown after all these years still has the highest average gain (5.2).

2. O.J. Simpson. Lots of backs are fast but no one ever as blazingly so as Simpson (9.4 in 100-yard dash), and none with his shiftiness and eye for daylight. He was the first player to rush for 2,000 yards in a season (he did it in just 14 games) and he holds the record for most 200-yard games (six). He led the league in rushing four times.

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2018 Fantasy Football Draft SZN

2018 Fantasy Footballers draft tips for the hardcore rookies!

Welcome Fantasy Football Fiends! The start of another wonderful NFL season is around the corner which means it's close to #draftszn. After 6 long months it's time to take back that damn gold trophy that was stripped away from your mits as you were crossing the goal line like vintage Leon Lett...

But hey, there's not a reason to be bitter, I'd much rather learn to get better at this fickle game... Doesn't matter if it's over the internet or in real life at a live draft event, it's time to rock some gold and talk a little poo poo to your fellow man.

Below are three ways to better defeat your fantasy football adversary starting with the first test: fantasy drafting!

Tip #1 Draft the sure bet. High risk-high reward player are tempting but it's not necessary because if the player is a flop, the gamble you took on the player will be hard to recover from especially in the first round. Plus, the player who averages 1,000 all purpose yards & 5 touchdowns per year will be better than a player who rushed for 1300 plus yards and 9 touchdowns in 2017 but normally is a sub 1000 yard back. The name of the game is value, playa!

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